What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a survival game where 100 players fight against each other in player versus player combat to be the last one standing. It is a fast-paced, action-packed game, not unlike The Hunger Games, where strategic thinking is a must in order to survive.

What are Fortnite scrims?

A scrim is an online practice match against several players or teams. It is basically a competitive game you play against other competitive players or teams for practicing in unranked matches.




Moderators of Deluzion reserve the right to vet posts on a case-by-case basis and determine whether they fall inside of the scope of the subreddit as well as create “megathreads” for periods of frequent submission of similar topic or content. Similar exceptions may also be applied to official Epic news.

Moderators of Deluzion are obligated to enforce all site-wide Reddit rules and guidelines, including Reddiquette and the Content Policy.


Rule #1 Be Mature and Considerate

We want all tournaments/events to be a friendly and welcoming community. Fortnite is a game that attracts people from all ages and all backgrounds, as a result it’s important that our users behave in a mature manner at all times.

Rule #2: Non-Competitive Content Restrictions

We have restrictions on certain types of posts, listed below, which moderators may remove at their discretion in order to keep repetitive or low-quality posts from overwhelming our events. Content restrictions are subject to change depending on the needs of the event or in response to the user-base.

2a. Off-Topic:

Off-topic posts, to include those that are political in nature, not related to Fortnite E-Sports, the Competitive nature or those discussing other games are not allowed. Controversial off-topic discussions will also be removed. This is a place to discuss Competitive Fortnite. Please take any off-topic discussion elsewhere.

2b. Game Suggestions and Bugs:

Game suggestions should be posted in the main event channel; Discord/page; Website. In-depth game suggestions that haven’t been said before and are backed up by objective data/evidence will be allowed at a moderator’s discretion. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Posts concerning in-game bugs (please report these in-game)
  • Non-Competitive suggestions (ie. Ammo spawn rate, reduce this weapon please.
2c. Gameplay Videos:

Clips showing how to perform certain mechanics, new tips/tricks or new mechanics are permitted, but general gameplay videos are prohibited. What is allowed are gameplay videos that showcase a new way to play the game with a beneficial advantage in action, not a 10 minute montage.

2d. Non-constructive rants / complaints / opinions:

With a competitive event/tournament, there will always be talk about the pro-players/streamers. While we do not discourage posting about them, we will not allow posts just bashing on a player, team, organization, or streamer. These people are welcomed here as much as anyone else is. If you would like to create a post about them. All complaint posts about the game will be removed. Make sure you meet the requirements listed:

  • Constructive criticism
  • Room for discussion
  • Non-frequently discussed player
  • Be Mature and Considerate
2e. General Questions:

Short / vague / general questions should go in/to our Discord or Support team. Or use the search function before in-case your question was already asked and answered.

2f. Events/Tournaments

Be mature and considerate. We take pride with our events and welcome any users from there. This means that any screenshots or discussion taken from the main channel/page criticizing a user’s comment or post will not be allowed under any circumstances and will warrant a temporary ban with no warning.

Rule #3: Title Guidelines

Titles should be clear, concise and descriptive. They should accurately represent the content that you are posting about. We don’t want titles that are overly exaggerated, sensationalized or clickbait. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Minimal effort post title (eg. “Title” “This” “Thoughts?”).
  • Twitter Screenshots should have the users name and short description in the title with a source to the link inside the post.
  • Post titles in all caps or alt-caps (eg. ComPeTiTiVe BTw).
  • Use of “Unpopular opinion…” “Hey user sorting in new” and similar formats.
  • Includes “mods removed posts, repost bc mod removed” or similar phrasing.
  • Clickbait titles (eg. “Myth said what!” “You won’t believe this trick!”).

Rule #4: Competitive Creative Maps

When it comes to posting your competitive creative map please make sure to include the following within your post. (If you do not have a code for your map yet please make a post over at Custom Maps.)

  • Creative Code
  • In-depth video showcasing the map and its purpose
  • Or text description describing the map’s purpose

Rule #5 Self Promotion

Promotion Guidelines

Self promotion is not allowed (eg. usernames, images, messages, etc).

Rule #6 Account Support Requests

Seeing as we are not Epic employees, we cannot offer you any support on account related inquiries. This means that support requests such as account issues, micro-transaction issues, and ban appeals are not allowed. Posts about the status of servers, issues related to the servers, and network issues are not allowed.

Rule #7 Accusations or Calls to Action / Witch-hunting

No Witch-hunts or Calls-to-Action

Posts on community figures and individuals who open themselves up to exposure from the community are allowed as long as the posts are civil and do not post personal/confidential information. Don’t rally the community for one common goal against an individual, organization, or entity. We do not condone posting personal information.

Rule #8 No Breaking Epic Games ToS or Agreements

Although we are completely independent, we work closely with Epic Games staff to provide stuff to the community on their behalf, and it’s a partnership we’d love to keep going. As a result, please ensure that you do not break any agreements made with Epic Games publicly on Deluzion. Account selling is against Epic ToS, and violates both this rule and our marketplace rule.

Rule #9 No Cheats or Exploits

Everyone is on the website because they enjoy Fortnite, and cheating isn’t fun. We do not allow discussion of cheats or exploits on our website or discord. Linking to them or providing information on how to find them will result in a permanent ban without warning.

Rule #10 We Are Not a Marketplace

With a large user base, it’s tempting to want to sell or trade virtual and physical goods on here. Please do not do this. If this is something you wish to do, please use platforms more suited to this. This rule covers any selling or trading of any goods, currencies, or vouchers.

Rule #11 No LFG/Tournament/Discord Advertising

We understand the desire to use our discord to find groups, advertise your discord/other communities and post about tournaments. Currently we do not allow post of unauthorized Tournaments. Please take all LFG or Recruitment discussion outside of our discord/website.

Rule #12 User Specific Content

We know that you may need help deciding what settings are best for you to use; however, many times these posts are unique for the user and may flood the subreddit and drown out meaningful discussion. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Keybinds
  • Resolutions
  • Sensitivity
  • Peripherals
  • Discord Scrim servers (Please refer to (sidebar server links))

Rule #13 Constructive Player Posts

With a competitive league there will always be talk about the pro-players/streamers. While we do not discourage posting about them, we will not allow posts just bashing on a player, team, organization, or streamer. These people are welcomed here as much as anyone else is. If you would like to create a post about them, make sure you meet the requirements listed:

  • Constructive criticism
  • Room for discussion
  • Text post longer than xx words
  • Non-frequently discussed player
  • Be Mature and Considerate

Rule #14 Post Tournament Discussion

After a huge tournament has ended we notice an abundant of posts being created. We know you’d like to get your discussion out there, but posts about big tournaments are reserved to Deluzion. Do not:

  • Do not reveal the winner of a match in a post title within 24 hours of the match ending.
  • This includes posting a team has won an event, posting match scores, or congratulating a team or player for their win.
  • Posting highlights from a match isn’t a spoiler as long as the title doesn’t reveal who won the map.
  • “Myth with the 3 health clutch” is fine.
  • “Myth’s last kill to win the tournament with 3 health” is not.


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  1. Mrs Unicorn Lover

    This looks cool. The rules are set perfectly.

  2. We will be hosting these games following our discord. To join Team Deluzions discord, send an email to Angel@deluzion.gg with your Discord Tag and everything. For example, Leafysum#0000 Thank you and have a great day!

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