News: Store Opened! May 13, 2021

Hello Deluzion Fans, it’s Team Deluzion here and today we are going to discuss some important news. The Shop has been Re-opened, please go check out the store and Get some merch. We will have new Limited Edition merch for sale soon. New items in the store as well. As you all know, we will be hosting a $10,000 Fortnite Duo Tournament on June 20, 2021. To enter, click this link and sign up. *Note* This tournament is for anyone, must be In Divisions 3-7. Don’t worry, we got other Tournaments coming up soon. For example, Rainbow 6, Rocket League and Modern Warfare. Please go check out @dznleafysum on Twitch: DznLeafysumofficial. Also, check out @delzuiontrickz on Twitch: Therealdeluziontrickz. Go check out Team Deluzions Social Media’s, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter. We want to thank @alreyes7175 and @dznleafysum for putting this team together. They are currently looking for Players with outstanding skills. If you are interested in becoming a Player for Team Deluzion, then sign up here. We are currently being sponsored by Honey, Rogue Energy and G-Fuel. Rogue Energy: Deluzionggs for 10% Off any order. Thank you all for being here and wish you the best! Stay Deluzional! -Team Deluzion

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