-Deluzion Update-


Team Deluzion wants to inform you all that the Store is Officially closed. We are currently out of stock and are in the midsts of getting New Items and clothing.

Updated Player Restrictions

  • Must have 1,000+ Followers/Subscribers on your current social platform
  • Must be active on your social platform 2-3 times a week
  • Must be motivated to work and play for Deluzion
  • Swearing is permitted to an extent, too much foul language will get you banned. We are a gaming team that will respect other players and teams.
  • You must be 17 and up. We do not allow players under the age of 17 to join the team. We have a younger branch called Sarro. This is for players at the age of 13-16. This Will prepare you for the higher branch.


New tournaments are coming and we’ll be giving away prizes for the winners. Team Deluzion is a newly high balanced team looking for skilled players across the world. To sign up and become a player click here. There will be no entry fees for any upcoming tournaments/events. All you gotta do is sign up through tournament applications. We are hosting three 1v1 battles to win 13,000 V-Bucks on fortnite. This will be hosted by @dznleafysum. To find more information, click this link.


Go check out our sponsors and use code: Deluzionggs for 10% off any order through Rogue Energy. Rogue Energy is a premium energy and focus supplement designed to optimize your mental and physical performance. Unlike unhealthy, canned energy drinks, this powerful supplement can be taken daily for overall improved performance. With a formula packed full of vitamins, amino acids, and natural nootropics, Rogue Energy is a healthy way to increase your natural energy, sharpen your mental focus, reduce fatigue, improve alertness, increase exercise capacity, and facilitate creativity and learning. We are also sponsored by Honey. Honey is a web browser add-on that finds coupons from all kinds of places that you can use for the websites you browse. The idea behind it is to get rid of the annoyance that comes from finding individual coupons yourself, collecting them all in one place and applying them best. This will help you save more money and find better deals.


We will be bringing back our discord channel. You have to be active 2-3 times a week. If you are inactive for 4 days, you will get a warning. After the first warning, there will be bans. We will be hosting scrim matches, tryouts and more. We will not tolerate any foul behavior. This means, no swearing. You must remain friendly to one another, and be welcoming. Click this Link to join our discord.

New Scoring System

We will be adding a new scoring system where you can earn points by commenting, viewing, and liking new posts. These points will determine your rank and the position on the team. These points can earn you prizes and help you enter any future giveaways. This system will be added to the website soon. We are currently working on setting it up. More information about it will be posted on our next News update

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